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    If the problem persists, please Contact Us. Our school dedicates a series of language programmes to all Japanese students , aimed at satisfying all their particular needs in the acquisition of the Italian language.

    Apartment Facilities:

    During the introductory phase, the structure of the alphabet and phonetics are largely clarified, providing the base needed to continue onto the later stages of the study programme which are divided into six standard levels of ability from A1 to C2. If necessary, the Italian mother tongue teachers are supported when teaching by Japanese mother tongue language assistants. This is useful in order to study or work in a variety of fields of interest, or satisfy University requirements. In addition to the development of linguistic skills, aimed at reaching the highest level of communicative efficiency, our Italian courses for Japanese people offer insights into all the sociocultural characteristics of our country.

    Course Pre-A1 Presentation of the Latin alphabet and introduction to Italian phonetics through the ability to understand and distinguish phonemes. Particular attention is dedicated to the production of sounds which are the most challenging for Japanese learners, such as those which cannot be reproduced using the katakana code. Course A1 Presentation of basic lexis and of the first verb tenses with an introduction to the inflectional morphology of the Italian language.

    A wide space is therefore dedicated to the pronominal system and to articles taking into account the agglutinative nature of the Japanese linguistic system. From a communicative point of view, the production of basic functions such as presenting oneself, presenting others and providing personal information, are developed.


    Ostia Antica IX Roma | Yunkers, Adja | V&A Search the Collections

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