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The father Mike is Milly's psychologist, a good, well-intentioned man who is in denial about his own family.

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His wife is depressed and drugged and his daughter Phoebe is a sly bully. She makes Milly's life hell at school.

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She's at the top of the ladder but that brings its own pressures. Milly is at the bottom.

Both of them are the products of their mothers. Struggling to survive at school and determined to be "good", Milly dreads the trial not only because she will encounter her mother again, but will be sent to another family.

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As toxic as this one is, she cannot face any more change or rejection. And because we are living in Milly's head, we know she's not as good as she seems to be. This is where Land is particularly brilliant, sowing doubt in the reader's mind about her character. Can she be redeemed?


Bad Call by Stephen Wallenfels

After all, she had the courage and morality to shop her mother to the police. Is she handling the hurt, or will she hurt someone? Land was determined that the book should raise questions about these vulnerable children, of whom she has known many over the years.

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She'd be locked up in a secure unit until she was I want people to think about what should be done with these children? They're the product of the adults that raised them.

We should punish the adults too. In Scandinavia such children are absorbed back into the family and are visited by therapists and given the chance at a normal life.

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The novel builds to the trial and a crashing conclusion that does, indeed, raise questions about the nature of good and bad, of redemption and survival in a harsh world. You never really know what's going on inside them. But the reading experience will be as different as it is for each of those authors. If I have to build a box, I want it to be my own box.

Instead, the focus is really on why a crime took place to begin with.

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What was it about the backgrounds of the characters that drew them across a terrible line? The result is that, chapter by chapter, the story peels back the emotions, secrets, and sexuality of the characters. Yes, there are police investigating crimes, but their voices are not the only ones in the novel. We are also pulled inside the heads of other characters, and we get to know them as complex, multi-dimensional individuals, not all good, not all bad.

The suspense and drama are driven by their actions and motives. As a result, the ending should not only be shocking and unexpected; it also should feel like the last piece in the emotional puzzle and the right psychological resolution.