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Every photographer regardless of their expertise puts part of themselves into the photograph. The most difficult part to me is presume I am qualified to judge another person's work. I truly believe the only person that can judge your work is you. Having said that I've looked at each photograph a minimum of five times and found all of them extremely inviting and there was a message in each one.

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For me they're all winners. Thanks very much for the opportunity to be part of the creative process. Remember photography is still in it's infancy and the only medium I know of that every man woman and child is on equal footing. Judging a contest is not an easy task. There are so many things to consider. I divide photography into three categories - snapshots, pictures and photographs. All have their place but as a photographer you strive to make photographs.

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There are only a few truly great ones that will last over time. So most importantly are they photographs? Secondly, do they meet the subject criteria I can only give my personal thoughts on this so it is subjective. Is there something uniquely special about them? Were they executed well? Of course sometimes one just jumps out and speaks to you.

Who can really judge someone else's work? I've gone over the photos many times and had to keep narrowing down my choices, based on the above criteria. It was extremely hard as there were so many really good ones.

Thanks for the opportunity to be part of the creative process. I look forward to coming out and doing a class hopefully sometime in the future and look forward to meeting all of you. DiMaggio has contributed as an international pool photographer, to several Olympic Games.

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She was contracted by the International Olympic Committee to provide photographic coverage of the Olympic Games. Having contributed pictures to most major international publications such as Time Magazine , Der Speigel , Paris Match , and various others, she turned her attention to advertising work and personal projects, including her current Sensuality Series.

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Hearts Entwined. Juror's Statement: The ability for us as human beings to conceive a photograph and then go out and execute said photograph first with your mind, heart, soul and camera is called visual literacy. What if language becomes a politicized weapon to obscure and control? Implicit in visual poetry are the degrees of protest. Amelia Etlinger is a poet who disassembled and reassembled the meaning of selected words by placing them into visual constructs.

When June V. Words typed out on a page are meaningless. Its beauty gave me and those around me aesthetic thrills. As it turned out, Amelia anticipated feminist theories about the oppressive nature of language for women in a male-oriented culture Amelia Etlinger: an American Original. Urs thank you for making it! Porcelain lithophane of a photo from the blackout of He will be showing a suite of silk screen prints all one of a kind , some lithophanes, and a few ceramic cups. I am not going to post every art work. Come to the gallery or buy a catalog when it comes out on the site. There is a lot on line already on my website.

Printing LIVE in the darkroom here at Midwest Photo!