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Set yourself up for success by creating a clean, organized drawing area. Tape or clip a piece of drawing paper I am using Strathmore Drawing to a sturdy drawing board, and make sure that your pencils are sharpened.

When you begin a drawing, in order to accurately capture the relationships between the values, you first establish your lightest and darkest values. That way, you have two points of reference to which you can compare all the other values.

Use the same process when drawing the value scale, and begin by establishing the lightest value value 1 and the darkest value value 9. Since I am using white paper I leave the value 1 box blank, and use a 6B pencil to fill in the value 9 box. Do not worry if it is not perfectly even at this point. Later on, when you have drawn in more values on the scale, it will be easier to tell how accurate you were, and darken or lighten value 5 as necessary. Since you will probably have to adjust your values, do not worry about making them perfectly even at this point.

Now that you have an estimated middle value, you can choose to either begin with value 2 or value 8 and work inwards towards value 5. I began with value 2.


The neighbouring values on the scale should be similar enough to each other that when you put them side by side and squint your eyes way down: they almost merge together. For example, squint your eyes and look:.

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Notice that it becomes difficult to tell exactly where the boundaries are between the neighbouring values. Use this technique to help you judge the accuracy of your values as you draw the value scale. Continue filling in values 3 and 4 on your scale, constantly evaluating the accuracy of your existing values.

For example, in the image above I noticed that my value 5 box was too dark.

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I lightened it using the technique described below. During this exercise you will most likely use your kneaded eraser just as much as your pencil. You can think of the kneaded eraser as a white pencil that can be shaped into various forms to help you adjust your values. For example, if I have to lighten an entire value box, I can flatten the kneaded eraser and use it to very lightly brush across a wide area.

It will take some practice to do this evenly, but it is a great technique once you get the hang of it. Kneaded erasers can also be shaped into points resembling the point of a pencil, and used to pick out individual dark "spots" within a value. Continue filling in values 6 through 8, adjusting the values until you have a completed scale! Value is one of the essential elements of Realistic Drawing.

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